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Euro Atlantic Barncorp is a financial institution registered in Spain offering international trade finance to a global network of clients consisting of importers and exporters throughout the world, promoting healthy, constructive and beneficial trade on an international basis.

Our Trade instruments prevent shipment delays, last-minute cost increase, product quality issues, and fraud across international borders.

We offer

• Commercial Letters of Credit

• Confirmed Letters of Credit

• Standby Letters of Credit

• Revolving Letters of Credit

- At Sight
• Back to Back Letters of Credit

• Bid Bonds (Tender Guarantee)

About us

Euro Atlantic Bancorp S.L management team consists of experts in structured trade finance to assist the movement of goods around the world effortlessly and effectively by protecting the interest of all the involving authorities.

Euro Atlantic Bancorp S.L.


Registered office

Abogado, Colegiando Nº 6052
Malaga Av. Espana España 146, 2º
29680 Estepona, SPAIN

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Our aim is to ensure that your import and export transactions are managed successfully by providing the best possible opportunities to grow.

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TEL: +34 952793130 | FAX: +34 952792257